How to get to Villa Sands

  • Fly from Maputo, Johannesburg, Dar-Es-Salaam or Nairobi to Nampula, or from Maputo to Nacala. Nacala is a newly opened airport, closer to Ilha de Moçambique, but with few departures/arrivals.
  • The price of a pick up or drop off to Pemba is 300USD and to Nampula the price is 100USD per journey and it takes just over 2 hours. Transport to or from Nacala is 80USD per journey. Villa Sands can also organize transport to Nuarro Lodge at a cost of 150USD.

Welcome to Villa Sands!

Villa Sands is a family owned boutique hotel located right by the ocean on the western shore of Ilha de Moçambique, in the province of Nampula, 180km east of Nampula town. Gisela Matavel Antman, the hotel’s manager since 2012, and the Mozambican staff, will give you a warm welcome once you arrive. Gisela, who also is Mozambican, was born in Quelimane and grew up in Maputo. She studied agronomy in Campobasso, Italy, before returning to Mozambique to work. Gisela is married to Marcus Antman, who is the architect of the hotel. Together they have two children – Liv and Kailane. Hospitality is an integral part of Mozambican culture, and making people feel welcome and comfortable was essential to Gisela’s upbringing. In the best of the mozambican spirit, we will make your stay a truly unique and pleasant experience. Welcome!