Ilha de Moçambique

Unesco World Heritage

In 1991 all of Ilha de Moçambique was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Island has a unique character and atmosphere, a mix of African, Arab and European cultures. Walking the Island you will find different monuments, mosques, churches and a Hindu temple. The spirit of the Island is a product of having been a trading post during a millennium where people of different origins have lived together peacefully although the authority has moved from Arabs to Portuguese and after independence in 1975 to Mozambicans.

A Mix Of Architecture, Culture & People

Once the capital of Portuguese East Africa, Ilha de Mocambique is home to colonial architecture, bustling street markets and wonderful cuisine. In addition, there are long stretches of empty, pristine beaches with excellent snorkeling and diving mere minutes away. At three kilometers long and 500 meter wide, Ilha is a long slim ribbon of gold floating in a sea of emerald.